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Fine and thinning hair on top

A breathable, high-tech fabric made by Hairdreams® ensures fast and flexible hair thickening on the crown of the head. But the best aspect of Tophair is that it can be worn permanently or with the help of clips as required

HDZuzana02_HLMany women know the problem: Hair increasingly loses body and volume especially on the crown of the head. The result is thin and even sparse hair. With the advanced TopHair system from Hairdreams®, there is a way to thicken the hair quickly and easily, particularly for those affected who wish to have hairstyles with long top hair or a parting.

TopHair consists of an advanced, breathable fabric. Attached to this are special, hand-selected and very high quality 7 Star hairs. Like all other VolumePlus Hairdreams hair thickening systems, it is attached by hand. The result is a completely natural look. Hairdreams hair thickening is indistinguishable from one’s own hair. And naturally falling hairstyles with longer hair and partings or bangs are possible.

Furthermore, it can be individually incorporated permanently or with the help of clips. The wearer can therefore remove the extra head of hair and reattach it to the natural hair whenever required. Naturally, this is practiced for confidence with professional guidance from the Hairdreams® partner in the salon.

How it works:

Hairdreams® TopHair is attached simply and easily with clips or permanently on the crown. It thickens and lengthens the natural hair at the crown of the head, and allows for styling with an exact parting. It can be easily removed by the wearer and reattached again as needed. By request, it can also be incorporated permanently by Bonding Ring technology. The wearability of TopHair is about 6-8 months.

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