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Quikkies System

The Hairdreams® Quikkies system

Thickening hair with tape-ins

  • A unique and super QUICK, EASY AND IDEAL METHOD to achieve  HAIR THICKNESS and GREAT COLOR EFFECTS in no time, without the use of hair color.
  • Patented SUPER FAST APPLICATION SYSTEM with super thin and super flexible FILM
  • Unique Hairdreams 7 STAR HAIR QUALITY.
  • Extremely natural color effects are achieved through bi-color STREAKS OF HAIR in a Quikkie.
  • A huge SELECTION with more than 56 beautiful color combinations and fantastic effect colors.
  • Exclusively for Asia: the QI-COLLECTION = special coloration inspired by natural human energy flow, which picks up one‘s own natural color at the roots -–resulting in a unique natural look.

A lot is happening in the field of hair creation. The latest innovation is called tape-ins. These very flat and absolutely hair-friendly products are incorporated without heat and achieve excellent results even with fine and short hair.

Hairdreams_Microlines_Quikkies_GabyHair thickening with hair strands has reached perfection. Adhesive tape-ins provide more volume and density to fine hair, receding hairlines or dull hair color without any chemicals and are absolutely gentle on your hair. But here it is also important to focus on quality. That means high-quality human hair and a highly developed system.Hairdreams Quikkies combine these two elements. It consists of strips of self-adhesive film, about 4 cm wide made from light microfiber fabric on which special 7 Star hairs have been attached. Quikkies are extremely flat, flexible and resilient. The bond is guaranteed; as are the highest wearing comfort and a very natural-looking, hairstyle..

They are attached in a very short time without any technical equipment or heat and are very gentle on one’s natural hair. And frequently, with the two-tone hair stranding, very natural, brilliant color results, as most people have color dimension to their hair and not just a single natural hair color.

Quikkies can be used many times, resulting in a wearing period from 4 months up to a maximum of 6 months. They are worn on each occasion for 6-8 weeks and then re-set higher again due to the natural hair growth. With proper care, Hairdreams guarantees optimum hair quality during the entire wearing period.

Creative hairstyles, pony-tail hair creation and hair thickening are achieved quickly, easily and invisibly. Asymmetrical hairstyles or color changes without chemicals can be created in no time.

Women, who have very thin hair, no longer have to give up hair thickening with strands, because you can work with the Quikkies in the most critical areas. Split or very fine crown hair is perfectly complemented – as the bonding here remains invisible. Quikkies enable reliable coverage of partings; even if one’s natural hair is not sufficient and even in the crown area or with a receding or a high hairline.