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Quick Hairstyles


  • Trendy hairstyles in no time
  • More creativity – more perfection – more possibilities!
  • The Hairdreams®  integration is fast, easy-to-use and versatile. Ideal for quick and creative hairstyles. Fast, trendy color effects with absolutely no chemicals. Customers with thin and fragile hair no longer have a problem.
  • Creative hairstyles; faster and easier than ever
  • Let your creativity run wild…
  • Asymmetrical styles in record time
  • Longer and thicker bangs; super-fast, easy, and completely inconspicuous
  • Partial volume or length to fulfill your requests for the latest trend-styles
    Mesmerizing color effects in the blink of an eye

Use Hairdreams® for highlights in the latest trend colors or create natural highlights and lowlights

  • Gentle and without any chemicals
  • Bright and dazzling thanks to the special Quikkie color streaks
  • And: super-fast and easy application within minutes!

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