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New Sense of Life thanks to Hairdreams Volume+

successful hair thickening by VIP Praha

New sense of life thanks to Hairdreams®

Hairdreams® Partner-Salon YES VIP in Prague helps his clients not only achieve amazingly beautiful hair with Hairdreams® but also changes the life of women with extremely fine and thinning hair or even with partial hair loss.
Thanks to Hairdreams Volume+ Zuzana, who suffers from thinning hair, now can enjoy healthy, long, thick hair. In an interview she talks about her hair problems, the advantages of Hairdreams Volume+ and how it has changed her hair…..

When did you start having problems with hair loss? How did you deal with it?
My hair problems began in my teenage years. My hair did not fall, it just disappeared. In the first phase I dealt with it with different hair products using natural remedies. I even attended a clinic in Germany with no results whatsoever. Then, I underwent three hair transplants. Unfortunately, the results of this transplant did not meet my expectations at all.

Did this lack of hair bother you and complicate your life? How?
Of course, it bothered me very much. Hair adorns women’s beauty and if you do not have the long, thick hair, your self-esteem suffers tremendously.

Why did you not choose to wear a wig?
I never wanted to wear a wig. In my opinion, there’s more work that I have to do with it. Although there are already wigs available today that offer a more natural look, it’s clearly visible that it’s a wig. When wearing a wig, you are limited in activities that you can do – you cannot have fun in the water during holidays and you cannot do your occasional recreational sports. It’s all out of the question when you are wearing wigs.

Are you satisfied with this Hairdreams® method?
I am very satisfied, I would say that I am very excited, and I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with the same problem as I am.

In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this Hairdreams method?
The main advantage I find is that it will not limit you in any way (sports, swimming, sauna and other activities). You cannot say the same for wigs. You can take care of the Hairdreams® hair as if it were your real hair. And in reality, it really becomes naturally part of your hair. It’s not anything you would leave at night next to your bed or in the bathroom next to the shower. Disadvantages? Someone with naturally thick hair could say that a visit every six weeks to a hairdresser for adjustment could be a disadvantage. But in reality, when you suddenly have your thick, lustrous hair, each visit is a very pleasant occasion.

Did it change your life in any way?
If the increase of my self-esteem could be taken as life-changing, then definitely yes!

Charlie Le Mindu’s Haute Couture Collection

Model with Hairdreams Extensions by Charlie Le Mindu

Charlie Le Mindu’s Haute Couture Collection at Paris Couture Fashion Week

PARIS (January 2013) – Fashion’s favorite rising star Charlie Le Mindu presented his first-ever fashion collection “Metal Queen” at Paris Couture Fashion Week for Spring/ Summer 2013 signalling the return of Haute Couture to its rightful home.
This dedicated Haute Coiffure collection inspired by female musicians such as jazz/metal singer Lee Aaron and Nina Hagen, references the excess, glamour, power and sensuality of high octane 80’s fashion. Combining black and white geometric shapes in mouselline silks, Japanese leather and natural Hairdreams® hair (30,000 black and white strands), Charlie draws confident, monochromatic silhouettes to express his vision for the perfect, powerful Le Mindu woman.

Coiffing with exclusive special-processed angel-white and asian-black hair colors created by Hairdreams®, Charlie presented a masterful showcase of hairdressing techniques accented on each piece of the collection including basket-weave braiding, shape sculpting, contrast layering and for the first time – hair petals. “Hairdreams® hair is the most organic material that I use for my fashions. It allows me to use my expertise as a hairdresser and combine it with my collections creating some of the most unique styles ever seen,” explains Charlie.

Lady Gaga wears Hairdreams

Lady Gaga wears Hairdreams

Lady Gaga Steps Out in Lavender Style Wearing Charlie Le Mindu Featuring Hairdreams®

HONG KONG – Lady Gaga stepped out in Hong Kong this weekend for her Born This Way Ball tour wearing a spectacular head-turning purple hair dress. This masterprice is a highlight of Charlie Le Mindu’s latest fashion collection notably named “Charl” de Jouy”. Gaga chose to wear a floor length evening dress made out of thousands of violet Hairdreams® strands.

Lady Gaga just loves Charlie Le Mindu! She’s worn a number of his fashion hairy pieces from dresses to wigs made with Hairdreams®, Recognized for his over-the-top wigs and fashion outfits made out of Hairdreams® real human hair, Charlie’s haute looks captures the essence of rock n‘ roll style for numerous celebrities who love his fashion sense.
The precious raw materials for his creations are lavish, hand-selected 100% real human hair  from Hairdreams®.

Photo Credit: Gaga in Hong Kong on April 28, 2012.
Credit: DALE de la REY/AFP/Getty Images