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Natural hair volume despite hair loss, even with bald patches

Women in particular suffer from thinning hair or even bald patches caused by androgenetic alopecia amongst other things. The MicroLines method from Hairdreams provides natural fullness and volume once again even with very advanced hair loss and thinning hair on the crown of the head; without limiting life’s everyday activities.

Hair loss results in extremely thinning hair and even bald patches, ; thus, women’s self-esteem suffers enormously. Hairdreams®, however, has developed a system to restore lost hair creating a renewed sense of confidence. With the MicroLines method, micro-fine, virtually invisible special threads, or “Micro Lines” are incorporated into one’s own hair by hand, with special high quality 7 Star real human hair attached.

Hairdreams MicrolinesIn contrast to a toupee or wig, these are integrated inconspicuously into one’s  own hair. The color, structure and length are adjusted to match. Therefore, the wearer receives the most natural-looking results that is virtually indistinguishable from one’s own natural hair. Even life’s everyday activities are unaffected. Swimming, taking a sauna or driving a convertible are possible without restrictions; unlike many hair pieces.

The MicroLines system is permanently attached and can be worn for many months. It is perfectly customizable to each individual situation of those affected by hair loss. There are also special, customized solutions even for bald patches. Parting or pony tail hairstyles are also possible.

Hairdreams® MicroLines is:

  • 100% real human hair
  • Free of machine attachment to the hair – natural-looking
  • Suitable for real hair length of 4 cm upwards
  • Invisible
  • Absolutely discrete
  • Increases the self-esteem of those affected

How it works:

With the MicroLines method, a micro-fine, almost “invisible” hairnet is integrated into one’s own hair. With the help of a special “Bonding Ring” it is extremely durable but gently incorporates into one’s natural hair. High quality real hair corresponding to one’s natural hair color and length is attached to the MicroLines. One’s own hair then looks more voluminous adding more body at the crown of the head. The wearability of MicroLines is 6-8 months and it can be refreshed. Due to one’s natural hair growth, it must be firmly attached to the head again after 4-6 weeks. As a result, slipping never occurs and a normal everyday lifestyle is possible.


Carolin before

Carolin with MicroLinesCarolin with MicroLinesCarolin with MicroLines

Uschi vorherUschi with MicroLines Uschi with MicroLines Uschi with MicroLines
Maria B. before Maria B. with MicroLines