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Creating more volume at the crown with optional highlighting effects

Hairdreams_Highlines_ElkeDo you suffer from very fine or slightly thinning hair at the crown? Then Hairdreams® HighLines has been developed specifically for these hair problems.

HighLines is an exclusive Hairdreams® method to integrate special, micro-fine invisible threads into one’s own natural hair. Attached to these threads are special high quality 7 Star hairs. HighLines is attached by hand and results in the most natural-looking hair, giving the crown more volume and body instantly even for those with very fine and slightly thinning hair.

Hairdreams® hair can also be selected in different hair colors for immediate highlighting effects. Highlights or soft toning using Hairdreams is gentle with no chemical treatments whatsoever. Through this special way of applying the HighLines system, these effects are seamless and offer the most natural look..

In addition, the HighLines system is also suitable for color changes with damaged hair. When the hair is already thin, it breaks easily under chemical treatments such as dyeing the hair with – conventional hair colors and therefore is not recommended.

How it works:

HighLines is secured permanently to the crown of the head using a bonding ring technique. One’s own natural hair is pulled through the special large comb and integrates perfectly into the Hairdreams hair. With the HighLines system, every type of hair style is possible creating full body and volume on the crown of the head. The wearability of the HighLines is about 6-8 months.

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