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Hair Quality



The highest existing hair quality

  • langehaare100% controlled natural hair of Europid type
  • Based on strict ethical guidelines acquired
  • Hand-selected healthy, shiny European type hair
  • Only 100% healthy and chemically untreated raw hair
  • Strict quality control procedure
  • The “Luxury Class” of hair integration
  • Hand-selected and handcrafted
  • With unique shine and healthiness
  • Lifted by a maximum of 1 level (!)
  • For perfectly natural results
  • Wearing period 4-6 months. Up to 1.5 years with rebonding!

The Guarantee

Proof of this outstanding quality is the Hairdreams® guarantee of faultless hair quality during the entire wearing period. The prerequisite is simply proper care and maintenance and the regular aftercare at your Hairdreams® partner. The record is entered in your Hairdreams® care pass.

Global network of hair-collectors searching for the best hair all over the world!


  • Purchase with strict ethical principles
  • Quality control through surface measurements
  • Quality control through scientifically tests
  • Only Hair passed this process are purchased




Quality check in factory

  • Sorting hair-by-hair with microscope and forceps
  • Checking protein content of every single hair via Laser Technology
  • Only faultless, untreated and undamaged hair
  • Only faultless, untreated and undamaged hair
  • Only 60% pass this test

 Hairdreams® AAA hair undergoes a 3 month care and refining process!

  1. 01_04Making hair uni-directedHair_Treatment
    • All hair in the same direction
    • Hence no etching off the cuticle layers
    • Fully intact, smooth falling, non felting hair
  2. Protein treatment 12 days
  3. Again hand selection hair by hair by shade
  4. Charging keratin stock
  5. Sorting by lengths hair by hair
  6. Blending process

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