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Hair Thickening with Hairdreams®

Many women suffer from having less and less hair because the hair breaks, gets thinner, or even falls out and leaves bald spots. In any case, this is a serious problem for affected women: they feel vulnerable and unattractive. Their biggest dream: a full and healthy head of hair!

Hair Thickening by Hairdreams® is the most natural and durable method to give fine and thinning hair body and volume. Several methods of Hair Thickening are available, depending on how fine or thin your own hair is.

All Hairdreams Matrix-Systems are integrated permanently and invisibly into the client´s own hair. Other than with conventional wigs and hairpieces the full head of hair can be worn at all times day and night – even at swimming, sports or any other activity. The added hair looks, feels and can be styled just like naturally grown hair!

THINNING HAIR – Problem Hair Loss

Hairdreams_Microlines_AngelaIt is considered hair loss when the approx. 100 individual hairs that one loses on a daily basis are not completely replaced by new and growing hairs.

The causes: The main cause of hair loss is genetic predisposition. With increasing age the hair becomes less plentiful, as well as more tired and frail. Add to that environmental factors such as stress, toxins, diseases, nutritional deficiencies and chemical treatments.

The consequence: As the amount of hair decreases the scalp becomes more visible, especially in the crown area. The hair looks very thin. Often times bald spots will form. Styling products are not enough to cover up the problem anymore.


The VolumePlus Systems from Hairdreams are a natural and durable method to give fine or thinning hair more volume and even to cover bald patches.

One’s own hair is gently supplemented and filled out with the highest quality, hand-selected real human hair. The color, length and structure match the natural hair of the wearer. An completely natural appearance is achieved in contrast to cheap wigs or hairpieces with synthetic hair. Hairdreams hair thickening feels like one’s own hair; it cannot be distinguished from the natural hair growth and is absolutely gentle on one’s own hair.

With the VolumePlus Systems from Hairdreams®, there is finally a way to thicken hair, without any restrictions on your everyday life activities. Swimming, taking a sauna, or driving a convertible and other activities are all possible.

Depending on how thin or sparse your own hair is, Hairdreams® offers several methods for hair thickening:

Hairdreams HairthickeningHairdreams® MicroLines

A proven solution for maximum volume with thinning hair and even bald patches

Hairdreams® TopHair

Fast, flexible thickening specifically for fine and thinning hair on the crown

Hairdreams® HighLines

Light thickening for more cranial volume

Hairdreams® Quikkies

Thickening with fine hair including color effects

In every case, exactly the right, customized solution can be found with the different systems.  A specially trained Hairdreams partner prepares the hair using professional application systems. With the VolumePlus systems exclusively special quality 7 Star hair is used.

This consists of silky soft, shiny and individually hand-selected, natural Caucasian hair. This is hand-woven into the special micro-fine web. The most natural look and high quality wear are guaranteed: And, with the right care, backed by Hairdreams® throughout the recommended wearing period.

Read the story of Judith and Inge about hair thickening & replacement

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