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Charlie le MinduCharlie Le Mindu – Hairdreams® Ambassador – “Haute Coiffure” Designer

He is known as the Super-Star of Avant Garde Hair Fashions. He has secret meetings with Lady Gaga for her customized press-worthy, outrageous outfits.
His runway looks generate the most extensive reviews by both the fashion and beauty press. Who is he? Well, we know him as Charlie Le Mindu- master of Haute Coiffure.

Recognized for working with real human hair from Hairdreams as a luxury fashion textile, Charlie Le Mindu effortlessly blends the roles of couturier and hair dresser with spectacular results. Charlie has an exclusive partnership with Hairdreams® hair creation which provides him the world’s finest quality human hair to work with.

You will also find Charlie from time to time working in the prestigious Urban Retreat – the ultimate destination for health and beauty services at its flagship location located on the top floor of Harrods in London as part of their Elite Styling Team.

lady gaga charlie_1 charlie_3 Charlie Le Mindu Backstage Berlin